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What We Offer

Expert Home Safety Assessments in Virginia

Live In Place provides home assessments in Northern Virginia based on you or your loved one's unique medical needs. Our team will make recommendations for home modifications around the property to ensure the lowest risk and maximize safety.

Benefits of a home assessment:


Age In Place


Home Safety







Types of Assessments


Full Home Safety Assessment

$175  Investment

This home assessment is designed to focus on all areas of the home for safety. Our team will address immediate needs and goals as well as intermediate and long term concerns.


This is an aging-in-place home assessment, ideal if the goal is to stay independent in the home for as long as possible.  


Our certified specialists will look check floor to ceiling and everything in between to see where we can offer mobility and safety solutions, recommendations and referrals. 


Below is a list of all areas that will be covered during a Full Home Safety Assessment: 

  • Bathrooms

  • Living room

  • Bedroom

  • Staircases

  • Interior Entrances

  • Exterior Entrances

Indoor and outdoor enterence assistance
Wheelchair accessible

Full Home Safety Assessment With OT Medical Evaluation & Report 

$225  Investment

This package includes everything from the Full Home Safety Assessment PLUS a Medical Evaluation from a licensed Occupational Therapist that is also a Certified Live-in-Place Specialist. 


We focus on the client’s medical concerns and needed home modifications and also include recommendations for:

  • Custom exercises and breathing techniques to improve muscle tone, coordination and endurance

  • Discussions on the best ergonomic body mechanics based on conditions 

  • Safety with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)

  • Cognitive status and sensory awareness

  • Advanced medical equipment referrals and training


This occupational therapy safety assessment and evaluation bundle includes a detailed report that outlines immediate, intermediate, and long-term recommendations and referrals to achieve the highest level of safety and independence possible.


The report is especially valuable if you are considering or already planning in-depth remodel projects on specific areas around the home. This can be presented to your contractor and referred to during the planning phases to ensure your home fits your exact needs while preventing any future falls or injuries from happening!

Measuring for a ramp installation
Toilet risers and grab bars
Custom home modification referrals

Basic Home Assessment

$100  Investment

This home safety evaluation is designed to focus on only 1 or 2 specific areas around the house, but the rest of your home does not present a challenge. 


If you can answer "yes" to a few of the following questions, this is the ideal assessment for you:​

  • Is this a temporary living situation until the medical condition improves?

  • Are you moving in an elderly family member temporarily?

  • Are you worried about a slip or fall and just looking for a few grab bars to be installed? 

  • Are you having a little difficulty getting in or out the front entrance to your home?

Dual stairlifts
Who Benefits?


Home modifications can ease everyone’s mind by making the home safer for your loved one and keeping them out of an assisted living or nursing home.

Who benefits? Everyone!

  • Seniors

  • Children of seniors

  • Veterans

  • Parents of children with special needs

  • Anyone with a new or recent debilitating condition


Happy family visits elderly relative in wheelchair
Sharing with grandparents

Benefits of Aging in Place:

  • Continued independence via accessible mobility solutions

  • Improved quality of life

  • More time spent and memories created with loved ones

  • Peace of mind and comfort for everyone


Custom Services:

We know the solutions you need are as unique as your loved one's medical conditions.

Our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists take into account physical abilities, limitations, known medical conditions and independence goals when making home modification recommendations. 

Let's get started!



We feel very fortunate to have helped so many clients and their families since 2007. Please see some of our glowing testimonials below: 

Live in Place allowed me to safely transition from in patient rehabilitation center to my home with ease and confidence. Extra railings on two staircases, grab bars and other adaptive items were promptly installed by Greg . A lift was later added. All was customized to my unique needs at a fair price. I don't usually write reviews and rarely award 5 stars but Live in Place deserves high praise. The owners are skilled professionals with a wealth of experience who truly care about the well being and safety of their customers.  - Lauren

Getting an in-home assessment by an expert and then follow-up service and installation is convenient and reassuring. This is a unique and much-needed service for anyone with a disabled or elderly loved one at home. Suzi and Greg take the worry and guesswork out of determining what aids (big and small) will make a difference in care and quality of life.  - Elizabeth

These folks are really good at what they do. We were in a situation where we needed the house evaluated and modified before my father came home from rehab. They came almost immediately and quickly assessed our needs and ordered the appropriate equipment. They are very easy to talk to, follow up with all of your questions and calls, and are thoughtful and competent. Modifying homes for the elderly and disabled is their primary business, not a side/sometimes business. Highly recommend.  - Paul

After making a frantic call to Live In Place to help us install a stairlift and a ramp, Greg showed up within a few hours to help us determine a strategy that was best for us. He listened to our needs and then carefully plotted a plan that allowed our family to "live in place." He was very knowledgeable and his suggestions were so insightful and helpful. The end result was a perfect solution and his craftsmanship was amazing.  - Jim

I received less than a week of notice that my home needed to be modified for an elderly family member moving. Greg with Live in Place was knowledgeable, professional and so helpful. Greg had my home ready within days. I am very pleased with the service and the product.  - DeAnna

“Our need for household modifications was urgent after my husband's hospitalization. All of the materials you installed were of top quality. We could not have imagined it could be done so quickly. The fun of 'driving' the stair lift gave my husband's spirits a lift after a very hard time. Thank you.” –  Gail

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