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Home Access Solutions for the Elderly

Eliminate obstacles and make accessing the home easy for your loved ones. Home access solutions for elderly residents are essential features for accessible spaces. People with limited mobility safely enter homes without trouble! Modify your space and renew your loved one’s confidence in no time.

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Make Life Easier With Ramps 

The right home accessibility solutions make life easier for people with limited mobility. Wheelchair users can access their homes without problems. Furthermore, customized ramps assist walker, cane, and crutch users as well. Don’t let doorways or steep entrances become a trouble spot. Instead, install ramps to assist your loved ones. Boost confidence and independence with an accessibility ramp from Live in Place.

The Convenient and Helpful Solution

Not only are ramps helpful for your loved ones, but they also support caregivers. Assist people in and out of the home easily with a ramp. Transport equipment and furniture inside your home without tripping over stairs. You’ll save time and effort with access ramps for the home! You and your loved ones will enjoy the freedom and convivence this solution offers.   

Temporary or Long-Term Assistance

The best thing about access ramps is that they’re temporary or long-term features for homes. Portable ramps fold, and you can keep them in storage areas. Customized modular ramps will stay in place and become permanent features in homes. Both solutions accommodate your loved one’s needs while also improving your space. Simple installation increases accessibility and mobility for seniors and those in need of support. Whether you need short-term or long-term solutions, we offer the right ramps for your home!

How Live in Place Can Help

Finding home access solutions for elderly residents and those with physical impairments is easy with Live in Place. We provide a medical-based assessment of the patient and home to ensure they receive the right ramp. We address long-term and short-term needs before installation. Make aging in place easier with access ramps that will improve your loved one’s quality of life. We’re here to support the journey and make your home a better place! 


Contact us today to get started. 

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