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Aging-in-Place Living Room Modifications

Create an accessible home with aging-in-place living room modifications. The supportive features increase independence and safety. Make the living room a comfortable space for everyone!  

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Why Do You Need Living Room Modifications?

Living room furniture for elderly residents and people with physical impairments are must-have features inside the home. They’re convenient, prevent accidents, and support mobility. Without modifications, your loved one may confine themselves to one area of the home. Make the living room a space for everyone, including your aging loved one! Modifications are easy to install, and you’ll instantly see their benefits.

For instance, furniture leg risers elevate seating with a non-slip grip pad. This allows your loved ones to sit with ease. Eliminate trouble accessing furniture and enhance sitting and standing safety. Your loved one will appreciate the helpful amenity.

Living Room Enhancers Are Worth It 

Difficulty rising from furniture is an obstacle that seniors and physically impaired people encounter. Sitting too low may cause discomfort and make rising from furniture a pain. However, living room enhancers eliminate trouble! You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for accessibility when modifications improve existing furniture. Couch canes provide balance as people sit or stand, rug modifications remove fall hazards, and leg risers offer optimal support. Living room enhancers make aging in place a better experience for the elderly.  

Keep Your Loved Ones Active and Independent 

At times, people with mobility issues feel stuck. Without support devices, navigating the home is challenging. Elderly residents and those with physical impairments fear slips and falls, so they avoid excess movement. Thus, they experience decreased activity and independence. However, you can enhance their overall well-being with aging-in-place living room modifications.  

Furniture enhancers provide easy access to seating, increasing your loved one’s mobility. They can utilize every room inside their home with safety solutions. Keep your loved ones active and independent with Live In Place modifications.

Contact the Experts

Our certified aging-in-place specialists prioritize every room inside the home. Our goal is to accommodate your loved ones and make their space accessible. When it’s time to modify your loved one’s home, let Live In Place help!

Call us today for an in-home assessment.

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