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Comfortable stairlift
Compact, low profile chairlift

Facing reduced mobility can be frustrating and dangerous in a multi-level home. Stairlifts can make your home accessible and Make Home Safe!

Our Certified Aging-In-Place specialists have installed hundreds of residential stairlifts and can create stairway solutions to meet current and progressing needs. Whether this is an immediate need or a preventative one, we will work with you to ensure your loved one can maintain their stair mobility and live in their home safely. 

Live in Place is able to go above and beyond regular stairlift companies to medically assess the whole home to ensure integrated solutions for safety and mobility throughout the entire home. Contact us today about our stairlift services to provide your loved one the comfort and safety they need.  

Chairs for accessing stairs for the elderly

Contact us for an in home assessment!

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