Safety, independence, and renewed confidence.

With ramp installations, we take all these considerations into account when forming our recommendations. The Live In Place team will provide you with clear explanations for both temporary permanent solutions. 

  • Modular and portable ramps

  • Step height and depth

  • Walking or wheelchair usage

  • Client's weight and strength

  • Caregiver strength

  • Length of ramp needed

  • Railings and traction

  • Ramp safety 


Live in Place goes above and beyond other medical equipment companies by providing a medically based assessment of a patient and their home.


We ensure our solutions will work for their specific needs, and can quickly install modular and portable ramps.


Exterior Modular Ramps

Customized ramps with railings for use with canes, walkers or wheelchairs.


Portable Ramps

Temporary, lightweight ramps for wheelchair use only

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Interior Modular Ramps

Easily installed in garages, carports or other interior spaces.

“My dad needed a longer ramp with a low incline so that he could wheel himself up and down without risk. Live in Place had it installed within two days.” –  Erin

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