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Grab bar that blends into your home
Custom cut and stained railing for stability

Safety Bars 

Our team offers various mobility bars and home modifications based on the exact medical needs of the client, taking physical abilities, limitations, and known medical conditions into account when making recommendations. 

We make custom home improvements based on client's abilities, not their disabilities.

Together we create a modification plan that meets your current and future needs. Many of these small additions can make a huge difference and your loved one can:

  • Confidently and safely access the entire home

  • See improvements in quality of life improvements

  • Avoid isolation (not stuck in certain areas)

Low profile enterence grip
Shower remodled for safety
Extra railing to make staircase safe

Door Grips

Grips at entrances can improve confidence and safety. 

Grab Bars

Grab bar installation provide stability in various locations.

Railing Modifications

Specialty railings make stairs and steps intimidating.

Railing Modifications

When your loved one can’t get up and down stairs, they're cut off from entire areas of their home. Adding in railings for the stairs can ensure both their safety and their comfort as they navigate their home. 

During your consultation, we’ll provide you with possible solutions to meet the current and progressing health needs of your loved one. We’ll also help you understand how adding safety bars, door grips, a second railing, or a reinforced railing can help.  

All railings are custom made to fit your staircase and are stained to match your home!

Contact us for an in home assessment!

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