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Aging-in-Place Bathroom Modifications

Accommodating your home to meet your loved one’s needs is important. After all, you want to create a comfortable living situation for everyone. That said, a great room to modify is the bathroom. Improve functionality and accessibility for your loved ones. Bathroom renovations for the elderly and physically impaired reduce fall risks and other injuries. Create a better bathroom experience today!


Why Should You Modify the Bathroom?

Bathroom accessibility creates a safe and comfortable experience for your loved ones. Give you and your loved ones peace of mind as they use the bathroom. Don’t worry about slips or falls when modifications help.

After all, aging-in-place bathroom modifications are often necessary for seniors. Grab bars support standing and pivoting. Shower chairs offer support for bathing, and grips guide people into the bathroom itself. Simple adjustments make a huge difference for those in need of assistance.

Creating a Trouble-Free Experience

Bathrooms are challenging rooms for your loved ones because mobility devices increase the risk of injuries. Using wheelchairs and canes inside the room can cause slips and falls (i.e., slipping on a wet floor). Fortunately, modifications make a trouble-free experience.

When enhancing your space, you don’t need a full-scale remodel to adjust the room. Simple additions like toilet and shower assists, grab bars, shower chairs, and transfer tub benches modify the bathroom! The features are safe and affordable, making them perfect for all types of households.

Restore your loved one’s confidence and increase their independence with bathroom aids for seniors. They’ll enjoy the easy-to-use features and won’t stress about potential injuries.

Let Live in Place Help You!

Here at Live in Place, our specialists give careful consideration to physical and neurological conditions before recommending features. We understand the importance of aging-in-place bathroom modifications, and we want to help you make the best decision. Let our team assess your situation and pick the right bathroom aids.

We offer continuous support as you accommodate your home for loved ones. Start your journey with Live in Place by getting in contact with us today! 

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