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Safety Solutions By Room

Live in Place is ready to give you back your independence and confidence by offering custom solutions for your entire home.


We know bathrooms can be the most challenging room for your loved one, and that bathroom slips or falls often result in serious injury. The use of mobility devices such as canes, walkers or wheelchairs can increase the risk of a bathroom slip or fall, especially in the shower or tub.


Typically simple, affordable options are enough to make your loved one’s bathroom accessible and a full-scale remodel isn’t necessary. Our certified Aging-In-Place specialists give careful consideration to physical and neurological conditions before making bathroom recommendations like: 

Shower chair and lowered shower head

  • Grips to get into the bathroom

  • Grab bars for standing and pivoting

  • Toilet and shower assists

  • Shower chairs

  • Transfer tub benches


There are simple solutions that will allow your loved one to enjoy all areas of the home and not keep them limited to certain areas. Keep them active and involved with family activities by making common areas safe and comfortable.


Our Certified aging-in-place specialists look at everything from floor to ceiling to ensure the safety of your loved one. This may include modifications like:

Safety grip railing

  • Furniture risers

  • Couch canes

  • Carpet or rug modifications

  • Bed railings

  • Referrals for lift chairs and lift beds

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