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6 Signs Your Loved One Would Benefit From A Stair Lift

Are you concerned about a family member struggling with mobility in their home? 

Recognizing the signs listed below early and taking action sooner may even prevent unnecessary and potentially very dangerous falls on the stairs. Having a stair lift installed can significantly improve their quality of life while safely promoting their independence around their home.

Here are six key warning signs to look out for:

Shortness of breath or fatigue when navigating the stairs 

  • Could signal the need for a stairlift to ease the strain of climbing and conserve energy for other required daily tasks

Taking frequent breaks during stair ascent or descent due to tiredness

  • May indicate the necessity for a stairlift to provide a secure and restful way to move between levels

Fear of using the stairs alone due to feelings of instability or dizziness

  • Could highlight the importance of installing a stairlift for added support and confidence

Inability to safely transport items like groceries or laundry up or down the stairs 

  • May demonstrate the practical benefits of a stairlift in maintaining independence.

Avoiding certain areas or tasks on different levels due to mobility challenges 

  • Could be a sign that a stairlift is needed to enable seamless navigation throughout the house.

Resorting to crawling up or bumping down the stairs instead of walking 

  • May point to a critical need for a stairlift to prevent accidents and ensure ease of movement within the home.

Early detection of these signs and installation of a stairlift can provide your loved one with the support and freedom they need to continue living safely, comfortably and independently at their own home.

Every stairlift is designed custom for your home and your needs. We offer straight and curved stairlifts as well as outdoor and vertical options.

Live In Place helps you customize your family member’s home to suit their needs as they age. Book your home assessment with Live in Place to get started.


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