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Bathroom Safety with Grab Bars or Rails

Decorator grab bars bring style & safety

Time to Install Bathroom Rails/ Grab Bars?

More than one in three people over the age of 65 take a fall each and every year. And the statistic surrounding bathroom-related accidents is even more startling. Every year, nearly 200,000 Americans suffer from injuries that occur in their bathrooms, according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Benefits of Bathroom Rails

The bathroom – with its slippery floors, tight corners, and few graspable surfaces – presents an array of risks, especially for the elderly. If you’re looking to take preventive measures or are doing an aging-in-place overhaul on your home, the addition of bathroom safety rails for the elderly is an essential component.

Properly installed grab bars also referred to as bathroom rails can help prevent a variety of accidents that occur in the restroom. From getting in and out of the shower or tub, to sitting down on and getting up from the toilet, rails provide a safe and reliable surface to help ward off possible slips and falls.

The presence of these grab bars eliminates the need to hold onto unstable surfaces such as towel bars, sliding glass shower doors, and any other unsteady items that aren’t equipped to support a person’s weight. They prevent the inevitable damage to these fixtures. Grab Bars can prevent head or neck trauma – which account for one-third of all bathroom-related accidents.

For many people doing home renovations, cost is often a concern. There are a variety of options from nice standard bars with a grip to decorative grab bars that are also strong when installed professionally. While large-scale adjustments such as reflooring (swapping out regular tile to the nonslip variety) can be extensive projects, installing grab bars and bathroom rails are simple, cost effective ways of safeguarding your surroundings.

Remain Independent, Live In Place

Grab bars may seem like subtle additions to your home and bathroom, but in reality, they allow those experiencing balance deficits or decreased mobility to remain independent and stay in the comfort of their own home.

According to AARP, 90 percent of seniors intend to age in place in the comfort of their own home for the next five to 10 years beyond, and 85 percent believe they can do so easily with minimal modifications.

Fold down bars for specific needs can reduce stress of bathroom trips.

Bathroom grab bars are best suited to those who have some upper body strength and have the ability to hold onto the bar when walking or standing. The use of grab bars actually strengthens the user if installed with joint protection and good body mechanics in mind.

Select bars that are slip-resistant in lieu of high-polish styles in wet areas, choosing safety as a priority. In non wet areas decorator bars can enhance beauty, matching faucets, while also serving as towel racks. Safety is increased with no loss of aesthetics!

Bathroom rails are also best when contrasting to the wall for easy visibility.

Companies today offer a plethora of styles and designs to suit any customer’s tastes – and because private bathrooms aren’t required to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act restrictions in the manner that public lavatories are, you can choose models and items that you find appealing.

Live in Place is a venerated provider of aging-in-place solutions. Their team offers myriad practical and affordable products and services to help you maintain your autonomy. To select the appropriate item, they will gauge you or your loved one’s current physical condition and abilities, therapeutic needs, and any disease progression.

In addition to offering the highest quality materials, the Live in Place staff is highly knowledgeable as to the proper use of body mechanics for optimal bathroom safety. By properly installing durable medical equipment, including bathroom handrail installations, you can protect you or your loved one’s safety and help prevent the pain, discomfort, and weakness that comes from an accidental fall. For more information, call Live in Place at (703) 433-0380 or use click on “Make Home Safe” button.

Start your journey today to Age in Place by choosing to Make Home Safe.


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