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Fall Prevention for the Elderly With Entrance Modifications

Is leaving the house cause for anxiety? Is going out becoming a fall risk? Do you fear your usual entrance because of a previous fall? Fall prevention at home is not about throw rugs. It is about reducing your risk and taking action before a fall occurs or when feeling anxiety about entering or exiting your home.

Reducing Risk – What Are the Options?

Universal Sidewalk With Solid Iron Railing
Universal Sidewalk With Solid Iron Railing

Front entrances are usually designed with concrete or brick, so reducing step height can be costly. Ideally a universal sidewalk with a solid iron railing in concrete would be a good investment in reducing falls if affordable (pictured.)

Other entrance modifications include modular ramps, portable ramps, stair height reductions, stable entrance platforms and appropriate railings. We can even evaluate a garage or carport entrance as an option for modification that could better suit your needs.

Garage Entrance Modification
Garage Entrance Modification

We modified this garage entrance recently to reduce fall risk. As you can see, we created a stable surface for managing the door knob while carrying groceries with an extended initial platform, shorter custom steps for aging knees, and railings on both sides for a safe, stable entrance.


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