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How a Home Assessment Can Significantly Help Your Loved One

How a Home Assessment Can Significantly Help Your Loved One

Before creating an accessible home for your loved one, you must evaluate the space and perform an in-home assessment. Learn how a home safety assessment can significantly help your loved one, and schedule an evaluation today!

What Is a Home Safety Assessment?

A home safety assessment evaluates each room inside your loved one’s home to identify and eliminate possible hazards. Our home adjustments will benefit them and their home if your loved one struggles to meet activities of daily living (ADL) like bathing, grooming, and moving through the house.

A home assessment can significantly help your loved one by recognizing dangers and finding ways to remove problems. Everyone deserves an accessible home with the right features. The assessment takes note of your loved one’s health and the overall state of their house.

Why Do They Matter?

Home safety assessments are critical for seniors or people with impairments because they determine the level of assistance needed. Explore your loved one’s home to ensure they can live independently and safely with home modifications.

The assessment acknowledges your loved one’s abilities and the overall state of their home. It pinpoints areas that require improvement. For example, grab bars and railing modifications offer stability to individuals with balance issues.

It’s all about creating a safe home that grants independence and prevents accidents.

How To Conduct a Self-Assessment

Before a caregiver or modification service assesses your loved one’s home, you should conduct a self-assessment. Your notes will help agencies understand the level of assistance needed in the home. Here are some questions to keep in mind while observing the home:

  • Can they safely clean and groom themselves, or is the bathroom a scary place?

  • Are there safety or tripping hazards inside the home?

  • Are there stairs? Can my loved one safely navigate them?

  • Is it easy for them to enter and/or exit their home safely?

  • Have they already fallen in their home, and could that have been prevented?

Get a Professional Assessment

At Live in Place, we have certified aging-in-place specialists that assess your loved one’s home based on medical needs. Our team makes recommendations for home modifications and accessibility equipment. You don’t have to do modifications all at once but spread them out over time or as someone’s medical condition progresses. Our goal is to create a safe home for your loved one and give you peace of mind. Make home safe with Live in Place!


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