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How To Measure a Power Lift Chair in Four Simple Steps

When you or a loved one is in need of a power lift chair, it is usually an immediate need. Finding the perfect chair to maximize comfort and safety can be overwhelming and difficult on short notice, but can be made easier if you know how to measure accurately.

These simple steps will show you how to measure for a power lift chair to ensure proper fit and help you determine the size of chair to shop for (ranging from “Petite” through “XL”).

1. Seat Depth: The seat depth is the most important measurement. If the seat is too shallow, it will not be comfortable. If the seat is too deep, it could lead to back pain since the entire back would not be supported by the chair. (This can be modified with pillows for the user, but that will not be as comfortable in the long run.) To measure for seat depth, have the user sit on a kitchen chair and measure from their back to the inside of their knees.

2. Seat Width: The seat width is important so that the user’s arms can be supported by the chair. To measure for seat width, measure from side to side underneath their bottom while they are seated.

3. Back Height: The chair’s height needs to be tall enough to support the head. Measure the user’s height while sitting from the bottom of their back to the top of their head.

4. Leg Height: This is less important on power lift recliners, since the user will most likely be reclined while using it. However, to ensure easy transfers into and out of the chair, determine the user’s leg height by measuring from the bottom of their foot to the back of their knee.

Chances are if a power lift recliner is needed, other modifications (either temporary or more permanent) might be needed in the home to ensure safety. Let Live In Place evaluate your home to determine opportunities for increased safety by scheduling a free, in-home consultation today!

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