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Live In Place During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When you have to "Stay at Home", you should "Make Home Safe."

The motto these days is “Stay at Home,” and with hospitals overwhelmed and rehab facilities no longer an option, it has never been more important to “Make Home Safe” for our loved ones. At Live In Place we are taking precautions and are prepared to quickly assess homes and install any modifications that would allow a senior to stay in their own home rather than deal with a tumultuous move at a time like this. See how we can help you today!

Q. How quickly can modifications be made during this pandemic?

A. Consultations are being scheduled as soon as possible depending on the current schedule – usually within 1-2 days. If the consultant decides a stair lift would be the best option, it can be installed the next day in less than 2 hours. Other home modifications (ramps, entrance modifications, grab bars, etc.) can be done quickly given the situation, and timing will be discussed during the appointment.

Q. What precautions are your consultants taking to ensure safety during consultations and installation?

A. Our consultants wear gloves and a mask during all appointments. All the items we install are brand new and haven’t been in any previous homes. Hand sanitizer is applied before and after entering homes. And all consultants are frequently assessing their own health status before all appointments.

This is a unique time for everyone. Elective surgeries are being cancelled and normal next-step options are limited; meanwhile, our most vulnerable population must remain in their homes full time. By making the home safe and comfortable, Live in Place can give you one less thing to worry about!


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