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Making Your Home Safe for Holiday Gatherings + The Perfect Gift Ideas

Live In Place has been keeping homes safe for holiday gatherings since 2007! Our team ensures your home is friendly for elderly loved ones to visit during the coldest, wettest seasons.

We’ve compiled some of the top concerns we see when families are hosting holiday celebrations both inside and outside your home.

  • Can your loved one’s safely enter and exit your home? If any of them are wheelchair bound, would it be of some benefit to have a portable ramp that can easily be removed once it's no longer needed?

  • Are there any safety modifications present to aid someone getting on and off of the toilet safely without relying on help or using something else in the bathroom to dangerously aid them like an unreliable towel rack or grabbing for the sink to stand up?

  • Are there any tripping hazards present or thresholds that could be easier to navigate in the common areas or at entry of the guest bathroom?

  • Do you have chairs with arms for these special guests that will aid them with getting up from the dining tables?

  • Is there a place for these guests to go take a nap or even to stay overnight safely at your home?

  • Are there stairs present that may benefit from a second hand railing or even a stairlift for frequent visitors?

Do you have any of these concerns for your home? Reach out to our office to schedule your assessment today!

Bonus Solutions: Check out these handy last minute small gifts, perfect for the seniors in your life!


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