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You Have Options For Home Modification Companies; Here's Why Live In Place Is The Right Choice

At Live In Place, we believe everyone should be able to live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. This philosophy is why we offer services that go beyond that of a traditional occupational therapist or handyman. Our assessing OT’s are CAPS certified and have decades of experience, which means they understand the medical conditions at home and have seen the dangers firsthand. Assessments from Live In Place cover more than just safety concerns but also address our client's quality of life and independence within their home.

Our installation technicians are also CAPS certified and have helped over 5,000 people remain living safely and independently in their homes. We understand more than just basic construction; our team knows how to make homes safe and accessible for everyone with cost-effective solutions and equipment. Because commercial buildings are subject to ADA / CDC regulations, they have strict guidelines for installing and mounting equipment. Lucky for you, residential structures do not have to comply with ADA rules, allowing our team to create truly custom solutions for your loved ones and their caregivers.

Education about energy conservation and good body mechanics are also cornerstones of our company. During the assessment, we provide in-home accessibility training to caregivers to ensure a safe environment for family members or in-home health-aids. Our assessments are completed by licensed health professionals who understand medical diagnoses, rehabilitation and fall prevention. Mobility and accessibility are different for everyone. Our solutions are designed for immediate, mid-term and long term solutions that grow and adapt as your loved one’s medical condition progresses.

The Live In Place Team is different from our competitors because we truly care for our clients and families beyond just the initial installation. We are not just another construction or medical company, we combine our knowledge and expertise from both the medical field and over a decade of hands-on construction experience to achieve our ultimate goal of ensuring your loved ones are living safely and happily in their homes.


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