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Things to Know When Installing a Stair Lift

Having a stair lift installed in your home can greatly improve your mobility and independence, even when faced with challenging staircases. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to add a stair lift:

Plenty of Stair Room

Having a stair lift installed doesn’t mean you can never use the stairs again. You and your loved ones can still easily access and walk on the steps. Typically, even the hand railing can stay in place so that others can safely use the stairs.

Whole-Home Accessibility

Stair lifts allow access to the entire home, not just the main level and allow you to conserve physical energy throughout the day. A stair lift allows you to travel safely between different levels of your home during the day as often as you need to, versus coming downstairs in the morning and only going back upstairs in the evening.

Getting On and Off

Live In Place can help determine how to safely get on and off your stair lift. Placing a railing, grip, or grab bar in the correct position is often all that’s needed to increase independence and allow you to utilize your stair lift without help.

Power Source

Stair lifts plug into standard outlets. Ensure there is an outlet or other power source close by to power your new stair lift.

Zero Wall Damage

Despite common misconceptions, stair lifts are placed on the steps of the staircase and are not attached to the walls, leaving them untouched and free of holes.

Are you ready for a stair lift in your home or know someone who is? Contact our office today to schedule your home assessment!


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